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Working with Young Children

Got less-than-enthused kids? Make it fun! Let them get in on the styling, too, either by helping to choose their outfits or helping pick poses from your inspiration shots. And, remember, with kids and photo sessions it’s all about relaxing and enjoying the moment. You’ll have better shots (and a more fun experience!) that way. Rule #1, parents, is to keep calm! We’ve shot plenty of families and have seen it all before. But, more importantly, your young ones will pick up on frustration if you get stressed, and it will all show up in your photos.

As professional photographers we’re experts at shooting all kinds of reluctant subjects, including rowdy, pouty or otherwise uncooperative kids. It’s our job to keep everyone at ease—children included!

And, unlike in school or at home, bribes are OK at photo shoots! A special treat, a trip to a favorite spot in town or even some candy can keep spirits high and smiles wide from start to finish. But if all else fails, remember that we typically get the “keeper” shots within the first 10% of the shoot. Let us know in advance what’s most important to you and your family, and we’ll do those first, then round out the rest of the session.


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