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Updated: Feb 21

Photography is our passion! When you hire KLS Photography, you will be getting a TEAM of people to capture your images to insure you will get the best photographs so you will have a keepsake you will treasure forever. With a lead photographer AND a second shooter AND a Visual Artist you WILL get the pictures you want.

What does KLS Photography’s team offer you?

· Lead Photographer: She will focus on you and capturing the majority of images.

· Second Shooter: She takes images from a different position and angles.

· Visual Artist: She scouts your location for the best light and background.

· Editor: She processes and professionally edits every image you are given.

· Artist: She creates one of a kind art for your images.

What is the benefit of a Second Shooter? She gets to stand back and look for flattering and unique perspectives which gives us more options when we select the perfect pictures to give you. She is a second set of eyes. With two photographers there are more eyes on our clients which helps us notice if something is out of place or a distraction in the background. The second shooter gets to capture images from a different angle, which sometimes end up being our clients’ favorite image!

What is the benefit of a Visual Artist at your photo session? Our Visual Artist has a degree in Art from the University of Oregon and is an expert at color theory and light. She gets look at the light on the client and ensure it is reflecting perfectly and not a distraction. She gets to look for the perfect spot for your images at the location you have chosen.

After the photo session we get to work on your images. We professionally edit every image we give you. If you’ve chosen to get a Fine Art Image, they take hours to create but are so worth the wait. Our staff is educated in Painterly Edits, Composites, and Digital Drawing. We love creating them for you and know you will love them too. (Look for our next blog post all about on our Fine Art pieces!)

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