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WHAT TO WEAR for an extraordinary senior photo session!

Clothing can make the portrait. Our goal as photographer is to capture this time in your life in a photograph that you will enjoy forever! Because this photo shoot is all about you, we want your pictures to represent who you are now and at the same time be timeless.

COLOR. Make sure your wardrobe complements your surroundings. Muted colors found in the nature of your surrounding area always make for beautiful pictures. Muted colors are shades of a color that have gray added to it to soften the color. Muted colors help make you stand out and not your clothes. Vibrant colors can also be good choice, especially if your location is a city scape. Keep in mind that colors that are very bright can stand out so much that the person is hardly noticed.

SEASONS. Oregonians are blessed with four different seasons. Chose an outfit with colors that coordinates with the season. Dark orange, deep yellow, cinnamon and creamy beige look especially pretty with autumn colors. In winter, colors such as cream, beige, blue, and dusty shades of rose, aqua and blue can be very nice. Springtime colors can be shades of gray, blue beige, dusty rose, brown, peach, purple or plum. For summer consider creamy yellow, peach, dusty rose, green, denim, or gray-blue.

DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. Oregon weather can change quickly! It can go from 50 and cloudy and then a few hours later be 75 and sunny. Be prepared and flexible with your wardrobe. If you have the perfect outfit that is meant for a sunny warm day and the weather ends up being 20 degrees colder than you anticipated, you can switch it up by adding layers (tights, boots, scarf, hat, cardigan). If you are too hot or too cold it will reflect in your final images.

LAYERS AND TEXTURES. Layers and textures are beautiful and create interest to photos. You can mix and match textures – such as tweed, lace, ribbons, embroidery – to create this effect. Layers can make an outfit look polished and complete. Adding a scarf, vest, sweater, hat, tie, etc. can add depth to your photograph. Adding different layers to different photographs adds a variety to your images. Keep it simple and don’t add them all at once. Something as simple as a little fur vest can add so much dimension to your photograph.

SHOES MATTER. Well, bare feet can be beautiful in pictures too! Shoes, though, can make or break an outfit. For the majority of your photos, you don’t want your shoes to be what people notice first in the images. Coordinate your shoes with other accessories and clothing. Try to stay away from bright colored gym shoes. Of course, if those cool Converse shoes are who you are, by all means wear them, at least for some of the images.

BE TIMELESS. No matter what your style is, make sure to make choices that won’t look terribly dated years from now (or even months from now – fads change quickly). Soft neutral and muted tones (with a pop of color here and there) in a classic shape will always stand the test of time. You can add interest with accessories and layers. Of course, this is a personal choice. If you want to go all out and dress in the latest fashion trends and all the latest colors, which can also be fun, try and make choices that are not too distracting from your personality and face.

FIT. Your clothes should fit well and not be too big or too small. Clothes that are too baggy can overwhelm the picture. Clothes that are too small can make you uncomfortable – this goes for shoes too. If you are uncomfortable, it will show in your images.

ACCESSORIZE. Hats, flowers in the hair, jewelry, scarves, and vests are just a few of the many types of accessories. Accessories can add a pop of color or show off your personality. Don’t let the accessories overwhelm the photo or distract from you – you should be the star of the photo.

PROPS. Props can be accessories too. Do you have a favorite hobby, sport or activity? Bring a few that we can incorporate into some of your photos. A handful of flowers, a book, musical equipment, even your pet can give meaning to your images. Chose props that tell your story. Someone that loves softball and dancing might want to bring their prom dress and a baseball bat. While props shouldn’t be used in all images, they can be used to capture the memory of who you are today.

HAIR. If you have longer hair, it is a good idea to bring along some clips in case it gets windy or is falling in your eyes. Getting your hair trimmed a week or so before your shoot can make your hair look fresh and still give it a change to grow a bit and look natural. This may not be the time to make a drastic change to your hairstyle.

A FEW DON’TS. These might seem like obvious no-no’s, but are worth remembering.

· Avoid anything with logos, graphics, characters, labels, etc. These tend to make a professional photograph look like a snapshot.

· Avoid big busy patterns and stripes.

· No bright white socks and sneakers unless it’s something fashion forward and simple.

· Avoid bright white clothing. Bright white is distracting and reflects on clothes and skin.

· Black clothing can create what looks like a “hole” in the image. A sophisticated black outfit really is just fine but try and set it off with accessories or something less harsh.

· Make sure that your undergarments won’t show through your outfits and that you have a strapless bra available if necessary.

FINAL THOUGHT. You are the one who needs to love the images! You may know just what you want, but if you are having a hard time deciding what to wear or not wear, we can help! Ask us, or better yet, send us a text image of the outfit in question and we can give you guidance. You can also bring several outfits to your session and we can help you decide what will work best for your images.


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